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With over 20-years in the industry California Construction and Roofing, Inc is expanding our services to accommodate the ever changing needs of the consumer and environment. We started installing photo voltaic integrated roof tiles and panels by request in 2008 but with the rising demands of renewable energy at the state and local levels, we have restructured and have a dedicated a division to renewable energy; design, permitting, installation and complete rebate document preparation and . 

After talking with general contractors and the end users regarding the pros and cons of solar, the most common problem found was roof leaks after the installation. Solar companies aren't trained in water proofing and the roofing companies can't be held liable for water proofing after solar, but California Construction and Roofing, Inc can install both systems simultaneously, providing warranties for both.

Coming soon, we'll be offering the following products and services:

TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin)
TPO membranes are single-ply roof membranes constructed from ethylene propylene rubber. They are designed to combine the durability of EPDM rubber with the proven performance of hot-air weld able seams. They have been tested as having excellent resistance to ozone, are algae-resistant, environmentally friendly and safe to install. The material's manufacturers are so confident in properly welded seams that the material is sometimes advertised as a monolithic (seamless) roof. Seam strengths are reportedly 3 to 4 times those of EPDM's adhesive and tape seams.

Organic green roofs
Greenroofs help to invest in the protection of our environment by diminishing developmental impact on our communities while providing a fresh approach with visually appealing organic architecture.  Here is a potentially ideal architectural union of aesthetics, economics, and ecology.

Skylights, sun tunnels, roof windows, and skylight blinds

Custom Metal Work